We Measure Success by Our Customers‘ Happiness

There are a lot of empty nesters out there like me who own a home and have unused space that they can rent out to a long-term housemate. You can make some extra money every month that can go toward your nest egg, your housing costs or your living expenses. Plus, you’ll probably find that it’s nice to have the company. I used Silvernest to find my housemate and it's worked out great financially and socially for both us.

– John, Silvernest Homeowner, Age 84

My daughter suggested I try Silvernest to find my next housemate. Silvernest provided me with a great match—he is close to my age and we get along very well. Using this system was less stressful than my previous attempts at finding a housemate. Sharing my home eases my economic worries and I enjoy the companionship.

– John, Silvernest Homeowner

I don’t know how people would look to homeshare without a service like Silvernest. Homesharing is almost more intimate than dating and a matching system really helps narrow down the choices. You can check out potential matches without being invasive to them—and you don’t have to talk to them before you’re ready! It’s very comfortable to be able to screen someone’s profile before reaching out.

– B. Schafer, Silvernest Homeowner

Although my housemate is young enough to be my son, it’s been such a blessing to have a male in the house—it provides me a sense comfort and safety. Homesharing with Silvernest has worked for me, and I really really like it. I think so many people could benefit from just opening to the idea.

– Doris, Silvernest Homeowner, Age 78

Finding our father a housemate through Silvernest has been a relief for all of us, and like a breath of fresh air. My sister and I feel really lucky to have found someone who wants to develop an amiable and real connection with our dad. For him it's an opportunity to make a new friend, and broaden his perspective or worldview. As housemates, the two of them sometimes share meals and run errands together. It turns out the companionship that homesharing provides him is equally as important as the extra income.

– Cathryn, Daughter Silvernest Homeowner Kenneth, Age 91

Since we don’t have family in Colorado, I was passionate about finding a housemate who could help with cooking, cleaning and caregiving for our children in exchange for reduced rent. Our housemate, who is semi-retired, turned out to be a perfect match! Our kids now have a built-in loving and mature grandmother type to look up to, and she says she’s energized by living with us! A win-win.

– Cece, Silvernest Homeowner, Age 40