Portland, OR

Cozy Home in SW Portland near L & C College

Portland, OR
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About the Home

Note: Utilities will be divided equally amongst all occupants (heat, electricity, internet, water/sewer, garbage).

Please excuse the clutter in the pictures. I'm still in the process of moving and arranging things downstairs. By now, I've probably moved things downstairs and need to update pictures.

Current Features:
3 bedrooms
Moderate sized yard with plum trees,
No pets,
Established neighborhood,
Walking trails,
Location near Tryon Creek state park,
Location near Lewis and Clark college, Direct access to Trimet bus #36, and
Close to major shopping centers.

In the Works:
Currently replacing the deck,
Debating painting walls (while vacant),
Debating setting up a mini-kitchen (portable kitchen sink -see pic -and plug-in hot plate to go with the mini fridge/freezer and microwave)

1 bathroom, cozy living room, mini-refrigerator, air fryer, and microwave. (Last few items are being set up.)

Main kitchen and laundry room

Room Dimensions:
Grey room: 118"x114" = 9.8'x9.5';
Purple room: 118"x114" = 9.8'x9.5';
Pink room: 154"x131" = 12.8'x10.9';

Helpful Services:
Laundry service - Vermont Hills Laundromat - 3 mi Northwest

Single Family Home
Housemate can't have pets
No smoking
Shared Full Bath
Free Parking
Yard Patio Garden
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Fire Extinguisher
Smoke Detector
Meet Samantha


I'm a unique, yet average, individual (oxymoronic, I know). I'm ambitious and future-oriented, so I like planning and working towards a goal, but I'm not usually very active. I spend my days at work or inside at home, watching videos of funny video-game play-throughs. On the weekends, I tend to be out and about, socializing with family or trying to be productive. Maybe I'll be out dog-walking or house-sitting. I also enjoy soccer and scenic walks (I'm not really a hiker). In case it's of interest, I'll mention that I have a type-A personality and categorize as an ESTJ-A in the Myers-Briggs personality test.

I asked my gal pal to toss me some adjectives that would apply to me, and she responded with the following: organized, prefers clear-boundaries, cheerful, friendly, enthusiastic, motivated, eco-friendly, DIY-er, kind, helpful, and smart. I'm flattered, but I'll add territorial, brusk, timely, and unintentionally noisy.

I have recently moved into a 2-story house and spend a lot of time fixing it up and organizing the space. I'm currently deciding what to do with the bedrooms upstairs, since my partner and I only use the downstairs bedroom. The house is mostly divided into 2 living spaces, but the upstairs doesn't have a kitchen. My partner doesn't like to share space, so I don't have a kitchen to offer any roommates. But, if a kitchen isn't needed, then I may have the space for you!

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