This apartment is 2 bedroom/1 bath with an AC unit

Denver, CO
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  • Furnished
  • Entrance
  • Background Screen Not Required
  • 0 Current Occupants
  • 0 Bedrooms for rent
  • Shared Full Bath
  • No Smoking
  • Doesn't require use of stairs


$750per month
Jul 12, 2020
  • lease year


The apartment is in the Washington Park/Speer neighborhood very close to South Broadway restaurants/bars. It is a great neighborhood and the apartment complex is great as well. The apartment is $750 and that includes utilities. It has great lighting and ceiling fans in the rooms (which has been great for the hotter days). The washer/dryer are one flight downstairs and it is coin-op.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Washer And Dryer
  • Internet
The Homeowner

Meet Ariana

Hey! My name is Ari (Ariana), I am 27, and I have just recently graduated from DU's graduate school of social work program. I am currently working as a research assistant from home but I am exploring the social work field at this point and hoping to find a job soon. I am pretty easy-going, not a big partier--I like to hang with friends and go out but nothing too crazy. I love the outdoors, cooking, sports, hiking, and just generally taking it easy after a long day at work. Would love to share a space with another easy-going female (either a student or professional). Animals are allowed in this building and I'm totally open to having a pet in the apartment. I am also a non-smoker and would prefer a roommate who is as well (this is definitely open for more discussion if need be--I'm pretty flexible). I am also very social justice focused and I'd say my liberal platforms are very important to me so if you can't jive with that, it'd probably be best to look elsewhere. That's all I can really think of for now--feel free to ask me any questions--I'm a pretty open book!

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