Room for rent in home with house priveleges.

San Diego, CA
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  • Single Family Home
  • Furnished
  • Entrance
  • Background Screen Required
  • Shared Full Bath
  • No Smoking
  • Doesn't require use of stairs


$950per month
Oct 18, 2020
  • lease longer
HammerThe homeowner will consider reduced rent for work


In N. Clairemont area. Older community. Shopping & services nearby.


  • Washer And Dryer
  • Free Parking
  • Internet
  • Yard Patio Garden
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Smoke Detector
The Homeowner

Meet Helen Joan

I need to have a person to live with me to help me according to the social worker. I feel that I want my independence and to stay in my home of 60 years. I like having my things. I like having some conversion. I need to walk 1 block everyday. I walk with a walker and need someone to walk with me. At my age I enjoy puzzle games and TV. I cannot drive any longer. I have maids and gardeners to keep the house clean and the yard nice. The my daughters empty room did have foreign students in it for many years until the school closed. I miss there interesting stories and different cultures. I belonged to fraternal clubs for socialization with old friends. I have great neighbors and the Clairemont community has plenty of parks, stores and restaurants.

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