Oakland, CA

Privet Bedroom w/a independent bath. Dog Friendly!

Oakland, CA
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6 months
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About the Home

Located in Oakland 94610. 15 min walk from the lake. Wooden floors throughout the apt. Shared space is a big living room with fireplace, good size kitchen with eating are and balcony. You get your own room and your restroom is right outside. You do not have to share the restroom. Washer and dryer are located a floor above. There is good street parking. Im not too familiar with the area but it is most definitely a safe area to live in. I loved it!!

No preference
Smoking is ok outside only
Private Full Bath
Washer And Dryer
Carbon Monoxide Detector
Fire Extinguisher
Smoke Detector
Meet Yamileth

Hello!! I'm Yami a 28 yo Latina female relocating from LA to Oakland for work. On a regulaar basis I will be working half day remotly and hald day in person, 4 days of the week. While I am not working, I am exploring the area on long walks with my beagle, Jax is 6. I want to get in the routine of going for a lap around the lake and would love human company. I like working out, cooking and enjoying my surroundings. I'm super friendly and love to laugh. My friends would say I'm funny, caring and great company. I'm looking to rent an apt and was approved for a 2 bed room-however I cannot cover the cost alone and don't need 2 restrooms. I'm looking for someone who will move in with me.