Get More from Your Extra Space with Silvernest

Bring in extra income
Earn $12,000/year on average! Our rent calculator can help you find the right price for your space, based on your local market conditions.
Get help / give help
Get assistance around the house if you want or need it. Or help someone else by offering an affordable, unique place to live.
Homeshare on your terms
You decide the level of interaction you want from a housemate. You establish the house rules and boundaries. We'll find a match that suits you just right.

Insurance for a Home Sweet Shared Home

Protection that makes sense
There's no need to increase your homeowners' insurance premium just to cover your homesharing arrangement! The Silvernest plan offers $100,000 in liability coverage for your home, in case a housemate causes unintentional damage.*
Signup that's simple
Silvernest's plan is designed for homesharing—and there's no separate signup process. It kicks in with the housemate's first rent payment.

Everything You Need is Built Right in

Silvernest is built from the ground up to take care of everything. Our platform helps you create a lease, establish clear house rules, automate rent payments and more. All you have to do is relax and enjoy homesharing.
With Silvernest, I don't have to ask about the rent check every month. That frees us up to talk about the important what's for dinner!

Here's What You Pay For

(and what you don't)
A low 5% service fee is folded into automated rent payments—and it includes insurance coverage at no extra cost.*
Background checks for potential housemates cost you nothing. $29.99 is paid by the other party and the report is good for 90 days.
* Insurance policy covers up to $10,000 for the housemate's belongings with no deductible and $100,000 for the home against damage the housemate might cause. Please refer to insurance provider's policy documentation, which can be found in our TOUs, for a full list of coverages and exclusions.