Silvernest Concierge

A lot goes into a Home Sweet Shared HomeĀ®, from creating a great listing to taking pictures to establishing a lease and house rules. Why not let Silvernest help with live one-on-one support?

Create a better listing

Let our Concierge guide you through the first steps of homesharing. Services include:
One-on-one listing setup
Professional photos of your home
1 free background screen

Get move-in ready

Get guidance on creating a homesharing agreement and prepping your home for move-in. Services include:
Homesharing agreement help
Move-in readiness checklist
Lease setup support

Realize homesharing harmony

Get help and expertise throughout your homesharing journey. Services include:
Monthly check-ins
Recommendations to services
Silvernest charges a one-time fee of $149 for Concierge service. The fee will not be charged unless you decide to move forward after your first free Concierge consultation.