Welcome to Modern Homesharing

We were made for this.

Compatibility is key.
So we built it right in.
Automatic screening based on your personal (and private) preferences
Compatibility score ranks your potential housemates by how strongly they match with you
Background checks available
Everything you need for
hassle-free homesharing.
Unique insurance provides coverage designed for homesharing*
State-specific lease builder lets you customize the right terms for you
Automated payments make monthly rent easy and hassle-free

This Way to Home Sweet Homesharing

It all starts with posting a profile or a room listing. Then we'll guide you through the rest of the process in a few easy steps!
Match and screen
Review a list of matches in your area. Our compatibility scoring makes it easy to see which candidates or listings match your preferences and comprehensive background screens provide extra insights.
Get to know as many potential matches as you like. Ask questions. Check out the vibe. Share as much as you feel comfortable sharing—Silvernest's secure messaging means your personal information is protected.
You can check out potential matches without being invasive—and you don't have to talk to them before you're ready! It's very comfortable to be able to screen someone's profile before reaching out.
– Birgit, Silvernest Homeowner
Nest easy
Silvernest does all the hard work so you can homeshare with confidence. Decide on terms and house rules, then use our lease builder to make everything official. Set up automated rent payments, and insurance coverage will automatically kick in at the first rent payment.*
Homeshare happily ever after
With Silvernest, homesharing means peace of mind, financial resilience and as much mutual support as you need. Enjoy a fresh new way of living that simply makes great sense—and often great friendships along the way.
Financially, [homesharing] really helps me out. Makes me more at ease, and I have my freedom and do as I please. I have my own space, and it's working out really well.” - Tim, Silvernest Renter

Frequently Asked Questions

What is homesharing?
Homesharing is when a homeowner lists space in their home to live together with a housemate in exchange for rent. It's different from a traditional landlord-tenant relationship because the two people live together in the home—so compatibility is key. Silvernest uses technology to streamline the process of finding a compatible roommate for homesharing and implementing protections like a lease, insurance coverage, rent payment processing, etc.
How does Silvernest match compatible homeowners and renters with one another?
It starts with creating your profile by answering questions about yourself and what you're looking for in a roommate. If you're the homeowner, you'll also enter information about your home and the space you're listing for rent.
Our software uses the unique answers you provide to match you with users in your area whose profiles are compatible with yours. You'll be able to see how closely you match with each candidate, up to 100%! After reviewing your matches, you can use our secure messaging feature to learn more about them and determine if you might be a good fit for homesharing.
How does Silvernest keep users and their information secure?
All Silvernest users go through identity verification before they can become active on the website, and all have secure account profiles that require password authentication. Messaging within our online platform is also private and encrypted. You don't have to reveal any personal information (including your name) until you're ready.
We don't store any Social Security number, credit card or bank account information on our servers. Instead, we work with a best-in-class payment processor and bank account verification provider to ensure PCI compliance. All other personal information you share with Silvernest will be stored securely in our system and never sold or shared without your permission.
How much does Silvernest cost?
Our monthly service fee doesn't apply unless we've delivered for you. Once you have found your match, used our messaging and screening tools and built a lease (not required but strongly recommended), it will be time to move in and protect your homesharing arrangement with insurance and rent auto-payments. You'll see our 5% service fee in your monthly rent statement—that's how you know we've been successful at finding you a Home Sweet Shared Home®.
* Insurance policy covers up to $10,000 for the housemate's belongings with no deductible and $100,000 for the home against damage the housemate might cause. Please refer to insurance provider's policy documentation, which can be found in our TOUs, for a full list of coverages and exclusions.