In my name and the bank.

Aurora, CO


  • Single Family Home
  • Furnished
  • Shared Entrance
  • Owner Has Pets: 16 pound shitzu very friendly very well behaved
  • Housemate can't have pets
  • 1 Current Occupant
  • 2 Bedrooms for rent
  • Shared Full Bath
  • No Smoking
  • Doesn't require use of stairs


$675per month
Sep 25, 2017annual lease


Ranch style built 1970. No stairs except for the one that's going down to the den. It has a dirt crawl space. One bedroom is fully furnished with lamp nightstand, dresser drawers,full length mirror and a full size bed. That one is being rented for 675 a month with a $700 deposit.The other bedroom is going for $600 a month with a $600 deposit it has a dresser full closet with a shelf in it and a big window with curtains no bed but it will accommodate a full size bed. utilities will be split and all of the household expenses as well. There is no storage places for anything extra. I have a small carport that I parked my ride in. The rest of the parking spaces are open concrete parking. My home is decorated in fall neutral colors with some wood accents.Very cozy and comfortable with contemporary furnishings.This will be a room mate type situation. I have a nice backyard with a covered patio and a private backyard.The Landscaping is done in roses, grapevines and Shady trees. The neighbors are respectful and private.They mind their own business. I'm close to everything usually takes 5 to 15 minutes to get to where you want to go. There is a bus stop at the end of the block. I do live on a busy street,So it does get noisy.


  • Air Conditioning
  • Washer And Dryer
  • Amenity parkingFree Parking
  • Internet
  • Yard Patio Garden
  • Amenity smoke detectorSmoke Detector

House Rules

No night guests unless they are straight females. no smoking, no excessive loud music or just plain being obnoxious. No big parties,no untied anus. No big dogs,No Hoarders or cats and no bad habits or excessive baggage of the emotional kind. Must have a morally clean lifestyle and like personality. Must keep personal belongings in your room. Pick up after yourself. Respect my household.

The Homeowner

Meet Tina

I'm really easy going and have a relaxed personality. I believe conversation should flow freely and one shouldn't feel like they're being interrogated. I am particular and can be stubborn from time to time. I work full time with long days. I'm a local Class A driver.I have an outgoing tomboy personality,But I'm in touch with my feminine side. I believe if something needs to get done it should get done. I have a middle-class lifestyle. I enjoy riding my motorcycle, concerts,Long drives to the mountains, traveling, festivals, community events, comedy and getting out and about when I can. I also can be a homebody.I enjoy watching movies. I have a Collective taste in music.I'm down to earth and plainspoken. I'm neat,clean and tidy.I have no bad habits nor do I have body tattoos or piercings.I have a clean moral lifestyle.I do not bring anybody home,and I really date. I'm a Jehovah Witness so I do study with other sisters that will come by for an hour or two once a week. I'm kind, have a warm sensitive heart, honest,trustworthy, thoughtful and considerate. I do enjoy the simple things in life and I love the comradery with people that I invite into my life. I believed in strong true friendships.Nothing fake or artificial. You should always respect one another's privacy and household. I also believe in open communication. I love to laugh and make other people laugh too. I enjoy backyard barbecues, cooking wine tasting,microbrews. But all within moderation.

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