Capitol Heights Condominium

St. Paul, MN
 $450 per month Photo Gallery
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  • Condominium
  • Furnished
  • Shared Entrance
  • Housemate can't have pets
  • 1 Current Occupant
  • 1 Bedroom for rent
  • Shared Full Bath
  • No Smoking
  • Requires use of stairs


  • Air Conditioning
  • Washer And Dryer
  • Amenity parkingFree Parking
  • Internet
  • Amenity cableCable
  • Storage
  • Yard Patio Garden
  • Amenity carbon monoxide detectorCarbon Monoxide Detector
  • Amenity extinguisherFire Extinguisher
  • Amenity smoke detectorSmoke Detector


$450per month
Sep 1, 20176 month lease


I am one of the owners of a four-unit condominium: a lovely, recently renovated Edwardian era building (1915 vintage). It has the original floors and woodwork.

The other owners are quiet and responsible. We work together to keep the place looking nice, well-maintained, and safe and secure.

Near natural foods co-op grocery and public transport.

Up-and-coming neighborhood with lots of ambience: nice neighbors, restaurants, and shops. It is a central location, near (but not in) downtown St. Paul.

House Rules

1. If you break anything of value, please replace it as soon as possible.

2. Please help with heat conservation in the cold months. When leaving the building during the heating season, please turn the thermostat down to 65⁰. You can turn it back it up as needed when you return.

3. During the cooling season, please turn off your AC when you leave, and use it for cooling only during uncomfortable heat--NOT for ventilation. There is a screened window for ventilation. Please lock all windows you may have opened when leaving the building.

4 Please observe a reasonable limit on length of showers (remember the impact on the environment and also on the condo water bill).

5. Your personal space includes
a. One bedroom
b. Large walk-in closet across the hall from the bedroom
c. Two cabinets in kitchen
d Right half of refrigerator and freezer
e. One shelf in bathroom.

6. Shared use of kitchen, including cooking-related items, dishes, and silverware.

7. Please supply your share of any household items you use frequently, such as toilet tissue, paper towels, dish detergent, etc.

8. Guests are fine, but please notify me if you are planning to have guests for the evening or weekend, and also of any extended absences. (If you are away for any extended absence, I need to know that you planned to be away so I don’t worry.)

9. Don’t forget to lock the inside doors when you leave. The outside doors usually lock upon closing, but please check.

10. Please remove your shoes at the front door to limit the impact of outdoors on indoors.

11. Peace and quiet is precious, and I expect that you believe the same.

12. Try not to burn anything in the kitchen—the smoke detector is very sensitive and will go off for burned toast, etc.

13. If cooking anything in the oven that could melt or spill, such as pizza, please put a cookie sheet under it to prevent the spills from burning on the oven floor.

14. Please air out the kitchen and use the stove fan if you cook something with a lot of odor or cooking fumes.

15. Try not to use the garbage disposal, but if you do, please remember to run cold water into it at all times whenever it is running. Do NOT put anything into it that is very bulky or hard, such as chicken bones or vegetable peelings.

16. After using the kitchen, please leave it as you found it—stove and counter wiped clean.

17. Please clean up after yourself in the bathroom—hair, tub rings, spills, etc. Please do not flush anything down the toilet that could clog it, such as tampons. If you have long hair, please do not let it get into the sink drain.

18. Please pitch in with regular cleaning of bathroom and kitchen.

19. When you leave as a tenant, please make sure the room and refrigerator is as clean as it was when you found it.

20. I am not a teetotaler, and a glass of wine now and then is fine, but you should not have chemical dependency issues of any kind, past or present.

21. NO SMOKING. The building has been voted smoke free, both inside and in the near vicinity.

The Homeowner

Meet Lynn

I'm a 50+ female with a university education (English and psychology), politically liberal, professionally employed in an academic setting. I prefer a female within my age group.

I am "spiritual but not religious," as some refer to that way of being.

I am divorced, mother of 3 girls and grandmother of 3 girls ages 7, 8, and 11.

I am in process of building a business that I hope to continue after retirement: copyediting of mostly academic documents, and fiction and nonfiction books.

My hobbies include reading, weekend cooking projects, and taking long walks. I am also writing a children's book and and occasional poetry, as well as performance pieces and stories in connection with my involvement as a producer and performer in a grass-roots performance venue.

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