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Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Highlands Ranch is often referred to as as “the bubble” because of the low crime rate, plentiful jobs, and high quality schools. Everywhere you go, there’s plenty to do in Highlands Ranch. If you enjoy being indoors, there are attractions that range from the Village Center, which offers a variety of shops, boutiques and dining, to the historic sites such as the Highlands Ranch Mansion.

Highlands Ranch is located 15 miles south of downtown Denver. As a suburb of Denver, Highlands Ranch is part of both the greater Denver metropolitan area and the Front Range Urban Corridor.  With a population of over 96,000 people, Highlands ranch offers a wonderful quality of life. In 2016, Money magazine ranked Highlands Ranch as one of the top places to live in the United States.

Highlands Ranch is a great place to enjoy the outdoors and various recreation facilities. It is home to the Denver Botanical Gardens, which offers trails and bird watching spots among wildflowers and picturesque views.

It is no wonder that residents do not want to leave the area and are looking for affordable options to stay in Highlands Ranch. House sharing with Silvernest is a great way to make that happen.

Why House Share?

House sharing is the perfect way to conquer the challenges of homeownership as you age. With Silvernest, savvy boomers and empty nesters can stay in the homes they love with just one simple addition: a house mate. And the good news just keeps coming...

Earn Extra Income

The cost of living is rising, and that can be tough on a fixed income. But did you know that it’s often cheaper to stay in your home and rent out unused space than to downsize or move? Plus, there’s a shortage of affordable rentals in the Highlands Ranch area. House sharing opens up options for all kinds of renters, including people in your age group as well as younger roommates like college students.

Stay Connected

Studies show that isolation and lacking social connections can be as damaging as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. To that, we say: yikes. Life clearly loves company, and home sharing with Silvernest brings the right kinds of people together to benefit everyone involved.

By age 50, 25% of individuals live alone. That number increase to 33% by age 60. Given their longer lifespans, women make up nearly three-quarters of this group.

Source: JCHS tabulations of US Census Bureau, 2013 Current Population Survey.

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