$ 29.99
Homeowner Plan
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

90 days of unlimited matching.

Pay only when you receive your first match!

Access to:

  • Verified users
  • Homeshare specific lease templates
  • Background screen requests
  • and much more!


How long does my plan last?

Your plan will last exactly 90 days from when you pay for the plan. If by the end of the 90 days you are not satisfied with the service we will give you a full refund. If you haven't found the right housemate yet, we will extend your service.

What if I don't find a housemate?

If you don't find the right housemate we will give you a full refund or extend your membership - your preference!

Do I have to own the home?

No, you can be renting the home and rent out a room through Silvernest. However, we suggest you check with your landlord first to make sure you are not violating your lease.

What is required and what is optional?

You are required to use our verified user and compatibility matching features. Background screen requests, lease templates, and automatic rent payments are optional features.

When will I be asked to pay?

You will not be asked to pay until you've received a message from a housemate and would like to view it. Once you pay the fee, you'll have unlimited in-website communication for the duration of the membership. For more information on pricing click here.

Can I signup for free?

Yes! You can list your rental and review housemate profiles all for FREE.

What do I have access to for the $29.99 fee?

You will have access to all the tools to get the job done right! Verified housemates, compatibility matching, background screen requests, eviction history reports, homeshare specific lease templates, and automatic rent payments.

Housemate Plan
  • User verified homes

  • Unlimited messaging


Are there any fees I could incur?

Yes, if a homeowner asks you to complete a background screen there is a $29.99 charge. You will only have to pay this fee once (you can apply to as many homes as you'd like using this one background screen). You can also request a copy of the screen.

How much does it cost to send messages to homeowners?

It's free to send messages to homeowners.