Colonial in Burlington County New Jersey

Willingboro, NJ
 $650 per month Photo Gallery
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  • Single Family Home
  • Furnished
  • Shared Entrance
  • Owner Has Pets: 1 dog named Tonka
  • Housemate can't have pets
  • 2 Current Occupants
  • 2 Bedrooms for rent
  • Private Full Bath
  • No Smoking
  • Requires use of stairs


  • Air Conditioning
  • Washer And Dryer
  • Amenity parkingFree Parking
  • Internet
  • Yard Patio Garden
  • Amenity carbon monoxide detectorCarbon Monoxide Detector
  • Amenity extinguisherFire Extinguisher
  • Amenity smoke detectorSmoke Detector


$650per month
Apr 30, 2017monthly lease


Good location! Located in:
Hawthorne Park Area
Willingboro, NJ 08046
(2) single bedrooms available for individual, non-smoking adult with full bathroom, access to kitchen, access to private yard/patio and free cable television and WiFi access!

• Within walking distance of college, library, shopping, and bus routes. Also, close to Riverline light rail services.
• Available for month-to-month, 6-month or 1-year lease

** Non-smoking adult with references, steady income, and 1 month security deposit required to move-in

House Rules

This is the basis of peaceful cohabitance. All occupants are required to respect each other and each other's
Quite Enjoyment
A balanced volume should be maintained throughout the home (inside and outside) for all. All electronics
volume should be set at a reasonable level and excessive noisy activity is not permitted. Quite enjoyment
remains in effect between the hours of 9 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.daily.
Keys should never be in the possession of any non-resident. Security is of utmost importance for all. After
entering and exiting the residence, doors are required to be locked and alarm set. NO lower level windows are
to be opened or unlocked unless for emergency reasons.
Illegal Activity
None tolerated at any time! There is a zero tolerance zone for drugs, firearms, fugitives, and the like are ever
All utilities are a budgeted amount. These will be a shared expense if exceeds budgeted monthly amount. (Internet, Electric & Gas, Water & Sewer are all included in rent) None of these services are to be altered as owner of accounts with change plans as necessary. Owner
will not incur expense for additional services ordered by tenant (which is prohibited). Tenant should do all
necessary to conserve energy and resources at property to keep utility items on budget.
Gas and Electricity: Budgeted monthly amount landlord will pay for these utilities is $300.00/month. Should
the monthly bill exceed this budget the tenant agrees to pay 1/3 of budget overage. This should be paid at time
utility bill is due for landlord to pay. This does not usually occur but stated just in case.
Cable and Internet Service;
Tenant is not permitted to order any cable/internet services that are outside of landlord's service contract with
service provider. Tenant will be responsible for any items incurred outside of what is allowed.
There's NO smoking of any kind allowed in the house. Also, no candles, incense etc.. should be used in the
house or left unattended if used outside on the property.
Use of Laundry/Utility Room:
As agreed, tenant my use laundry room equipment (washing machine and dryer only) once a week. Tenant
must supply their own washing detergents, dryer sheets etc... Tenant must use this area with extreme caution as
it is also where the property boiler, water tank, water filtration system main, etc... are all housed. Tenant must
monitor their washing and drying cycle to completion then remove items immediately so it is available for next
Tenant is responsible for all of their guest/visitors at ALL times. Any damages tenant's guests cause will be
paid for by tenant as assessed by landlord. This means any damages of property where landlord incurs expenses
to repair or replace item(s).
Overnight visitors are not permitted.
The bathrooms were designed for one adult use at a time. Therefore, there's no monopolizing the bathroom
with unneeded personal items, excessive use of time in bathroom and excessive use of hot water for
showering/bathing. For safety, there are no electrical items allowed for use in bathroom. Also, properly
dispose of all female personal hygiene items, paper products, pampers, wipes etc.. — not ever in the toilet.
All areas of the residence (inside and outside) is to be kept neat and clean at all times. Simply clean up after
yourself immediately. That includes kitchen dishes, floors, walls, etc...
All trash should be disposed of in lined trash cans. No food or eating utensils should be left outside of kitchen
or dining room areas. All tenants are to clean up immediately after utilizing any common area of the house.
I agree to all rules, responibilties, etc... above.

The Homeowner

Meet Learie

Like a relaxed environment most of the time.

Work from home most times. Need a hand once in a while with home based business projects or house keeping now and again.

Enjoy cooking, baking, and mature conversation when I'm not working.

Very organized, disciplined and neat home.

Healthy type lifestyle.

Love music.

Fun-loving person and like to help in community and church organizations activities.

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