Share a "Green Home" with an Old Green Liberal

Loveland , CO
 $650 per month Photo Gallery
 Verified Home Meet Joe


  • Single Family Home
  • Furnished Or Unfurnished
  • Shared Entrance
  • Shared Kitchen
  • Housemate can't have pets
  • 2 Current Occupants
  • 1 Bedroom for rent
  • Private Full Bath
  • No Smoking
  • Doesn't require use of stairs


  • Central Ac
  • Washer And Dryer
  • Free Parking
  • Garage
  • Heating
  • Fireplace
  • Storage
  • Yard Patio Garden
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Smoke Detector


$650per month
Nov 26, 20166 month lease
The homeowner will consider reduced rent for work


Share a a really nice, 10 year old single story, ranch, energy efficient "Green Home" in High Plains Village, Loveland CO. Close to highway 25 and 34 access, shopping, and walking distance to many fabulous lakes (within a mile).
Private bedroom, with private bath. Shared kitchen, living room room, basement rec room, some office space and garage storage available as well as a garage slot for smaller car. You can reduce rent by $75/mo if you give up the garage space. Retired engineer owner-resident seeks some rental income and socially progressive, healthy lifestyle companionship.

House Rules

House lot is elevated so everything is dry and flood-proof. Loveland would have to be 15 ft underwater before this place gets damp. One reason I selected this location. The neighborhood has a village feel rather than Barracks feel as many other new developments do. Spacious, upscale, well maintained neighborhood with condos starting at 200k to million dollar homes. Very energy efficient, R21+ walls and R40+ ceilings, making it comfortable year round. I am a spoiled Californian, so I do not like a cold or hot home. Kitchen water is RO + charcoal filtered. I am very concerned with living in a healthy and unpolluted environment.
Home is very well maintained, and decorated, and I would like my roommate to help keep it that way. I bought this house last year and am still doing minor improvements but no major reconstruction.

The Homeowner

Meet Joe

I am 71. I am a retired chemical, nuclear engineer, with sales and management experience. BS in chemical engineering. Microsoft certified technician, but now a Mac advocate. Still do some occasional computer servicing and sales of refurbished computers. Divorced for 20 years. Currently no significant other. Children are professional, one a doctor (and CEO) and the other a marketing executive, with no children and are not local.
Some familiarity with German and Czech, and can still almost read classical Latin, but my moy russkiy kaput. Ich habe mein ganzes Deutsch nicht vergessen. Moje české jazykové znalosti jsou rovněž chudé. I am a history buff with analytical tendencies. Satirical and sarcastic humorist. No musical talents or skills. I read articles on the Internet for a couple of hours a day. I enjoy reading history and documentaries. I also enjoy and have a big collection of old classics, foreign, and Indie movies. I am social but also analytical.
Was an active Bernie supporter. Promoter of healthy eating and lifestyle alternatives to gain real health and avoid the pharmaceutical companies' poisonous concoctions. I was athletic when young and I have a Bow-flex in the basement. My elliptical is upstairs because I use it everyday, but I am no longer in shape. Extremely anti-corporate. Voted for neither Clinton not Trump. Because of DNC actions against Bernie and other progressives, re-registered as a Green. Was an independent, until Bernie.

I may be getting older but my brain still works well and I would like a similar companion. Even though I am a former multi-sport athlete, I am not a macho or construction type, and would prefer feminine attitudes, as well as intellectual companionship. Must be pleasant, reliable, and responsible, with good credit and references. Will require background check.

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