Rent a room in your home to someone who wants to live in your area.

Boomers and empty nesters earn extra income by renting out their spare room with Silvernest, an ideal Airbnb alternative.

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Stay in your home while earning extra income.

Silvernest matches you with the just-right roommate so you stay happily at home. Simple as that.

Putting the "Us" in House

Earn extra income and gain companionship by renting out a spare room in your house. To share a home is to share a life, and Silvernest is here to help you share yours with someone who wants to live in your area, not simply visit, like websites like Airbnb. Here’s how it all adds up:

Silvernest is a roommate matching service that helps you earn extra income by renting your spare room to people who want to live in your area, for whatever lease term you desire.

  • Select the ideal roommate and enjoy the lack of stress tied to constantly needing to change the bedding, clean the bathroom, etc. for each new guest. Who said continuity is a bad thing?
  • Consider setting up your agreement to have your renter help with chores around the house or yard that have become difficult for you to do.
  • Enjoy the company of a housemate who wants to live in your community as an Airbnb alternative.

Websites like Airbnb help you earn extra income from very short-term rentals to people who want to temporarily visit your area and stay in your home for a few days or a week.

  • Decide when you want to rent your spare room and when you want to keep it vacant. Enjoy the flexibility.
  • Meet a variety of different people from around the world who share your house for the evening, a few days, or a week.
  • Establish your house rules in advance to ensure there are no surprises!

“I wanted to earn extra money by renting out my extra room, but didn’t want to have people I didn’t know come and go for short periods of time. Silvernest was the perfect solution for me to find a longer-term roommate.”

– Debbie
   Phoenix, AZ

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