Silvernest is designed to let you stay in your home.

Silvernest is a great housing solution for boomers & empty nesters who want an alternative to the 55 plus communities.

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Silvernest lets you stay in your existing home and community by matching you with the right roommate for your spare room.

Why Choose Silvernest?

We know you have a variety of housing choices as you age. Whether you decide to move to one of the many senior living facilities or stay in your home and house share with Silvernest, there is no need to age alone.

Silvernest allows you to stay in your own home in your familiar neighborhood while generating income from renting a spare room.

  • You keep your independence and your routine.
  • You are in control over what type of roommate you choose, whether that be one your own age, younger, or even a student.
  • Aging in your own home with a housemate lets you continue the lifestyle you choose with the safety you need.

Moving to an over 55 plus community works well if you desire access to a variety of affordable activities, want extra safety, and want to be in a quiet area without younger people around.

  • Depending on where you live, you may have easy access to golf, swimming, art studios, woodworking shops, clubs and social activities.
  • Age-restricted communities also have private security that is a visible presence in the neighborhood.
  • You also live among others in your own age group and don't have noisy teens or social events in the neighborhood.

"I didn’t want to move from the neighborhood where I lived for the last 30 years. Silvernest allowed me to stay in my home and find a roommate that was a great fit for my preferences and interests. Thanks Silvernest."

– Beth
   Denver, CO

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