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Seattle, Washington

Surrounded by mountains and water on two sides, Seattle is renowned for its natural beauty. Residents enjoy walking along the shoreline of Lake Washington, around Green Lake, by Discovery Park, or along the shores of Myrtle Edwards Park on the Downtown waterfront. The surrounding area lends itself well to sailing, skiing, bicycling, camping, and hiking year-round.

Seattle is the largest city in both Washington state and continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.. As far as things to do, Seattle has it all. In addition to enjoying the great outdoors and park system, residents can cheer for their favorite men’s and women’s professional sports teams or enjoy the vibrant music scene, ranging from orchestras to jazz to grunge music. There is no shortage of good food and fresh fish at every kind of restaurant you can imagine. In addition to grabbing a cup of java at the original Starbucks, residents also have many other unique coffee spots where they go to meet people.

Silvernest is excited to be expanding into Seattle. Given the low vacancy rates and high costs of owning or renting a house, living in a Seattle house share provides an alternative way for adults and students to find affordable housing, while providing older homeowners the ability to stay in their home and benefit from extra income and companionship.

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