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Santa Clara Valley, California

The Santa Clara Valley, locally knows as the Silicon Valley, runs north-south, from the southern tip of the San Francisco Bay to the vicinity of Hollister, California. The Valley attracts people from around the world with its warm, sunny climate, top tier Universities, and its wealth of job opportunities ranging from start-ups to large well-known tech companies, such as Apple, Facebook and Google.

Some of the better known cities in the Valley include Palo Alto, Mountain View, Santa Clara, San Jose, and Los Gatos. San Jose is the third largest California city and considered the capital of Silicon Valley. It is also one of the safest big cities in all of the U.S.. The Valley offers world class entertainment, a wide variety of cultural activities, sporting events, outdoor activities and a wide choice of dining establishment.

Silvernest is thrilled to be expanding into the Santa Clara Valley. Santa Clara Valley house sharing provides a cost-effective way for adults to find affordable housing and for students to live close to their campus, while providing older home owners the ability to stay in their home and benefit from extra income and companionship. Finding Santa Clara Valley roommates makes living in this area that much more interesting.

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