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Silvernest Product Software Engineer

With the Baby Boomer generation reaching its 70s, aging well has become a critical issue and a growing opportunity. More people are retiring with a mortgage than ever before, putting a financial strain on their golden years. Meanwhile, housing inventory is insufficient in many cities, making it difficult for renters to find a place to live at a price they can afford. Silvernest wants to solve both of these problems with a unique approach: we've built a home sharing platform that matches homeowners with housemates, allowing people with extra space in their homes to provide long-term rentals to people who need it and get financial help and companionship in return.

But all that takes work. We're building a platform that's approachable, easy to use, and streamlined for people who want to share their homes in the easiest and safest way possible. We're taking a complex process and simplifying it so people can spend their time getting to know each other, not writing leases.

Tackling these unique problems requires a unique team, and we're looking for a software engineer who's up to the challenge, someone who's:

  • Passionate about finding the right solution, not just the easiest one, and willing to work and debate with other team members until we find it.
  • A polyglot with experience in a variety of tech stacks, who knows how to identify the right technology for the right solution.
  • Curious about seeing things from the user's point of view even when it differs from their own experience.
  • Excited about solving problems that no one else has thought to tackle yet.
  • Serious about designing and building solid, scalable products that can rapidly grow to support hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Uncompromising about surrounding themselves with people who challenge them and make them better.
  • Humble, eager to keep learning, and able to laugh and have fun even when the pressure is on.

To do well here, you'll need:

  • Solid experience with building service-oriented, horizontally scalable systems. You know how good software looks and you know how to code it.
  • Proven experience building large-scale B2B or B2C products using a variety of scalable technologies (our current stack is Ruby on Rails with a PostgreSQL database).
  • The ability to pick up new technologies as needed, applying solid underlying principles to learning a new language or tool.
  • To be able to follow direction and deliver solid, testable, bug-free code on time.
  • A demonstrable desire to keep learning and growing: whether you're learning new technologies or taking on new responsibilities, you're always looking for more.
  • Working knowledge of Agile and test-driven development practices, paired with the flexibility to try new approaches when the old ones cease to work.

Think this is you? Contact jason@silvernest.com and tell us why you're a good fit.