Silvernest for Partners

Silvernest offers a wide range of benefits to members, customers and constituents who face financial instability, social isolation or lack of access to more affordable housing options.

Government and Nonprofits

Housing and financial security are at the root of a healthy community. Partner with Silvernest to bring a comprehensive homesharing program to your city or state.
Instantly unlock more budget-friendly housing options
Promote financial stability by providing alternative income options


Offer Silvernest as a benefit to members to reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes.
Reduce social isolation for improved mental and physical well-being
Support a holistic approach to health by offering solutions for financial stability

Mortgage and Financial Services

Provide Silvernest as a benefit to clients to reduce late payments and foreclosures and create more options for retirement.
Reduce portfolio risk and foreclosure
Provide creative options to help seniors stay in their homes longer

Working with inspired nonprofits, government organizations, insurance providers and financial institutions to bring creative solutions to their members and customers every day is a true joy. Come chat with us about how we can bring positive impact to your community.

Amy Ford, VP of Partnerships at Silvernest

Our Offerings

Rolling out a homesharing program takes expertise and technology. Silvernest has crafted a suite of offerings to meet a wide range of client needs and contexts.

Deliver impact quickly by sponsoring Silvernest memberships for targeted populations. Increase housing stability, reduce social isolation and help people age healthier.

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Use custom profile badging and matching questions to create a community of your members within the larger Silvernest community. Empower them to connect and homeshare for income, companionship and improved quality of life.

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Bring all the benefits of homesharing and the Silvernest solution to your community with your own branded homesharing platform.

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Our Mission

Together with our amazing partners, we can help 1 million people homeshare by 2030. Achieving this goal would create an extra $650 million per month in passive income for our communities, $315 million per month in savings on rent and profound healthcare cost savings.

Our Partners

Some of the organizations we’re proud to work with: