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Homesharing: The Modern Way to Roommate

Silvernest is built from the ground up to make homesharing a breeze.
Match and screen
Our platform matches homeowners and housemates with a unique compatibility score. We also verify everyone's identity at signup.
Private and secure in-app messaging lets you interview and get to know each other with confidence.
Nest easy
Only Silvernest provides the peace of mind of a lease creator, homesharing agreement template and expert tips.
Homeshare happily ever after
Silvernest is with you all the way, with tools and support to power the entire homesharing movement.

How much could you earn? Use our rent estimator to find out.

Silvernester Stories

"What are the odds that four people with such diverse backgrounds could come together and find this harmonious way of living together in a shared space? I think it's great." - Brenda, Harald, Mark and Katharine
"I love being here. I think it's important to have somebody else around, especially if you don't have family here. With Silvernest, it was very easy." - Suz and Tim
"I thought, why put such a substantial amount of money into an apartment if I can have that money to go off and travel or do things around town or buy a new bike?" - Kathy and Sandy

Silvernest is Homesharing Made Simple

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Clearly compatible
You'll see every listing or potential housemate ranked by how well they match with your personal preferences—up to 100%!
Make it official
Our built-in tools make it easy to determine the rent, set up house rules and build your own custom lease in just a few clicks.

More Living Choices, More Happiness

Homesharing opens up more pathways to make connections and build financial resilience — and new opportunities to live where and how you want.
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"If you can't swing a forever home and you still want to stay where you are, you may need an alternative source of income. And an increasingly popular one…is home sharing. Silvernest, a home-sharing service for older homeowners that matches them with roommates, started just five years ago and already gets eight applications for every listing, says founder Wendi Burkhardt. Older homeowners, she estimates, can make $12,000 to $18,000 annually renting a room out."
- Kiplinger's Retirement Finance: Moves to Make Now to Age in Place